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The New Curriculum - An Opportunity for Creativity - A Professional Development Module

The New Curriculum - An Opportunity for Creativity

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Mathematics is beautiful.

Abundant in nature, technology and the way we lead our lives, it has interconnections with all other subject areas taught in secondary schools. It is a key tool for learning. Mathematics is inherently exciting and full of wonder. So why is it then, that so many students do not feel this sense of wonder?

The new secondary curriculum offers opportunities to make mathematics more relevant, meaningful, purposeful and enjoyable. This module aims to provide starting points for you to collaborate in creating an approach to mathematics that will engage your individual learners.

Key indicators of success should include retention rate into post 16 mathematics and beyond and students' enjoyment and appreciation of mathematics. The way in which we organise mathematics learning can have a profound effect on students. In this module, we look at one way of organising the year around themes.

We also follow four teachers at different points in their careers as they encourage their learners to discover mathematics through investigation. None of these are suggested to be the answer, but are provided to act as prompts to the collaborative activities. Together your department can make the mathematics curriculum relevant and exciting for your children