NCETM - Working collaboratively to enhance mathematics teaching

Module for mathematics specialists in post 16 education and training

Teaching and Learning Programme


In this module you will

The sessions in this module are adapted from the professional development sessions in Improving Learning in Mathematics, which you can download in full from the:National STEM Centre e-library . Please note in order to be able to download resources, you will first have to sign in after registering (free) with the National STEM Centre

Depending on your experience of using active approaches to teaching mathematics, you may wish to do some or all of the sessions that have been suggested. Although all the activities can be done on your own, the emphasis on collaborative work means that you will get more out of the activities if you can find a colleague to work with. If you are unable to work with another person in your organisation, ask questions, share your thoughts and hold discussions with other mathematics and numeracy teachers in the FE Forum.

Getting started

We recommend that you do the Where am I now questionnaire first. When you have answered all the questions you will get a graphical representation of where you are starting from in terms of your subject-specific professional development, and those areas you would like to strengthen. You can save the results in your Personal Learning Space (PLS) and can retake the questionnaire at any time to keep track of your progress.

Key facts

Here you can find out about the latest developments in mathematics education for this sector.

Frequently asked questions

You may find the answers to some of your questions here. If not, you can post your question in the FE Forum for this module.

The activities

Session 1: Looking at some learning activities

Session 2: Thinking about discussion

Session 3: Reflecting on working with learners

Session 4: Thinking about effective teaching and learning

Session 5: Thinking about questioning

Session 6: Thinking about mistakes and misconceptions

Please note that some of the activities in this module require a broadband connection to function effectively.